Who we are

Hi! Great to see that you are visiting our website. Are you also motivated in taking action against climate change, but without knowing in which way to proceed? Good, because our goal is to provide those of you with a very simple way to contribute to the fight against climate change. We really need your help! We are Jai’ Amir and Berend, two Biology students at the University Utrecht and we have the ultimate solution for the climate problem. We’ve made it possible for companies to act against climate change in a lucrative way.

The solution had to be as simple as possible. So, that’s why we developed a new and adapted applications for already existing technologies and we added our own new technologie, which does not only put climate change to a stop, but also cancels out some of the harm that is already done. With that, we create the conditions for a new viable world for future generations of humans and nature to enjoy. We are IPCITA. The sky is our limit.

We are IPCITA. The sky is our limit.

What do we do?

In the past 200 years, we polluted the air with enormous amounts of carbondioxide, produced by burning fossil fuels. This is one of the biggest causes of our global climate problem. Are you also scared of the consequences and do you want this problem solved? The solution is simple! We have to retrieve the produced carbon dioxide out of the air and restore it in a fixed, fossil form. In order to do this we developed a method called Permanent Carbon Removal (PCR). It allows us to remove carbon dioxide from the sky in a natural and permanent way to secure it in a fossil form. With that, we defuse the carbon dioxide we once produced so that it will no longer harm our nature. In order to restore the natural balance on earth as much as possible.

How does it work?

Organic molecules are the basis to all plants, animals, micro-organisms and humans. We obtain these by eating, however plants are able to fabricate these molecules themselves, by extracting CO2 out of the atmosphere. A number of micro-organisms are also able to do this. The more molecules extracted out of the air, the bigger the colony will become. We are able to define this as growth, the process is more commonly known as an increase of biomass. We are able to cultivate this biomass on a large scale, before using a separate process to create an anaerobic combustion effect. This will lead to the biomass transitioning to a biologically inactive state, although the CO2 remains within the biomass. This process naturally occurs over billions of years, dead plants and animals change under the influence of extreme pressures combined with extended periods of time to transition to fossil fuels. IPCITA essentially performs the same process, the only difference being that we speed things up considerably.


Do you want to find out more about IPCITA and how we will permanently remove the CO2 from the air? Or do you want to become a part in our team? Send us an e-mail with your question to info@ipcita.com and we will try our best to answer it within 24 hours.