Plant based
carbon negative

We are not reinventing the wheel, we use the carbon fixation genius of plants and an anaerobe burning method to permanently store carbon in a solid form.  We aim to do this until we reach pre-industrial revolution carbon dioxide levels. In our vision, this should be done in a measurable and transparent way.

What does Ipcita do?

Ipcita provides an affordable, direct and transparent solution for carbon capture with the use of biomass prune flows and organic waste. These biomass flows will be converted to a fossil fuel like mass that will be stored underground, or put to use as raw material in construction processes. This allows us to create a constant flow of gaseous carbon into solid carbon. Our technology permanently decreases the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Why is it interesting?

Carbon dioxide is essential for all life forms, so why would we extract it from the atmosphere? Since the industrial revolution there has been an exponential increase in carbon dioxide levels. This sudden increase is one of the main contributors to global warming. To counteract climate change, we believe in a simple, yet elegant idea: Converting carbon dioxide back to its original, solid form. The product could be harmlessly stored in excavations where polluting industries originally obtained the fossil fuels from. Underground.

Possible applications

Besides storing the captured carbon dioxide underground, there is an even better solution. It could also be applied in construction processes. It has the ability to replace raw materials in making tarmac or concrete. This would also be a permanent solution for carbon storage.

How does it work?

The carbon containing biomass is converted into this fossil fuel like mass using a process called torrefaction. This is an anaerobic burning process, which has already been conducted on industrial scale for decades. This process can show us how much carbon has been captured and it is easily scalable. With laboratory proof we guarantee and verify the precise amount of carbon that has been removed from the atmosphere.

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